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Root 'n' Fruit Community Garden funded by Appetite. 2016


Seven pillars of Wisom Community Shelter Love Gate and Seven Pillars of Wisdom Willow hut
Ceramic sign, Tunnel, Arch and Community Shelter
3 oak beam seats in the June hut.

Giant Dahlia roof A willow Love Gate leading into a woven bean tunnel Sensory floor design from log rolls set in red sand The Garden ready for planting  

We worked with 350 people from December to March 2016 to build the sculptures make the ceramics artworks and be ready for planting the Root n Fruit Garden.

The food we grow will be given away to members of the community to feed those in need.

The Garden is used by different communities who volunteer their time and learn about growing healthy fresh food

  Ceramic Sign built with the community Audrea installing the ceramic frieze onto the Shed A goldfinch is one of 16 ceramic birds living there now.