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Chris Oldham

Cyanotype Prints  
Cyanotypes are a Victorian method of printing using Iron minerals and sunlight, each is handmade and unique in brush detail. The images are 5 by 4 inches and printed onto fine quality archival watercolour paper.
  Red Eye Monster Open Anemone Carnation
  Protia Fruit Salad Old Roses Curly Purple
  Protia Sea Single Orchid on Canvas Single Sunflower
  Spikey Purple Two orchids on canvas Two sunflowers on White
  Spikey Purple Shadow Clematis Landscape Sunflowers 1996
  Brides Liliy Scruffy sunflowower Sunflower Heads
  Eye Pods Clematis back Crinkly India
  Fleshy pink Clematis Fleshy pink dark
  Nerine Amarylis Matisse Rose Petals
  Petals and stem Anemone Coaral in vase
  White coral mountain Anemone sliced White coral Underside
  Flaming sunflower close Olur Roses Anemone in a vase
  Two Calas